Add a little “spice” to your dinner while getting to know fellow Journeyers!

Your mission- if you choose to accept, is as follows:

Sign up to be a dinner participant or host. 

Once every 2 months, random pairings will be made and contact information will be shared! Your “spice” group will have the whole 2 months to plan a dinner together!  The host will be specified and responsible for meal coordination or location (eating out is an option!)  At this time, we’re just pairing up two families together, but you’re welcome to invite anyone else you’d like.

Get to know your fellow Journeyers!

Sign up any time to participate!

S&P Dinner Sign-Up Form:

Salt and Pepper Dinner Signup: December 2019
(For contact, or if you want a confirmation email from filling out this form.)
How many adults, including yourself, will come with you to the dinner?
How many children will come with you to the dinner?
Anything you’d like us to know (ex: would like to get to know families with kids, I need a ride, etc)

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